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A Reconsideration of Corporate Monarchy: Evaluating the Literature and Logic Surrounding Co-CEOs

By Jamin Andreas Hübner and Nicholas Gausling Abstract: Concepts of power in business management and workplace dynamics are slowly evolving out of their modern foundations into new territory. The increasing frequency of corporate co-CEO structures is one such instance, with an emerging consensus that this shared leadership model produces positive results. Dissenting voices on co-CEOs indicate a need for managers, executives, and entrepreneurs alike to reassess the larger theoretical problems surrounding traditional ideas and models of leadership (i.e., solitary CEOs). In light of the social theory of Foucault (1979) and organizational framework of Clegg (2003), this article surveys the extant

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Alternative Finance Series: In Defense of Short Selling (and Why You Probably Shouldn’t Do It)

This is the second article in a series on alternative finance. In the previous piece I talked about asymmetric positions in investments and trading, and one potential method for leveraging them (the Barbell Strategy). Now we’re going to talk about short selling. How is that alternative finance? First, shorting has a negative reputation in a lot of circles and we’re going to explore why it’s undeserved. Second, I’m going to explain why shorting is still typically a bad idea for most investors or traders. DISCLAIMER: This article is provided solely for informational purposes and should not be construed as personalized

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Alternative Finance Series: Asymmetric Positions & the Barbell Strategy

This is the first in a series of articles on what I’m referring to as ‘alternative finance.’ This is not to be confused with DeFi or next-generation finance, rather, it’s alternative in the sense of falling outside mainstream, conventional Wall Street thinking. The markets are entering new territories, and old models often don’t hold up in practice. In this series — however long it ends up being — you’ll be introduced to some ways of thinking about investing, trading, and portfolio management that you perhaps haven’t heard before. Are these strategies right for you personally? That’s for you to decide

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