Press Mentions

September 27, 2023. U.S. News & World Report. “Things To Consider When Buying an E-Commerce Platform

September 21, 2023. The Street. “11 Essential Soft Skills for CFOs to Enhance Their Leadership

August 28, 2023. CNBC. “Why Airlines are Asking Passengers to Step on the Scales

July 31, 2023. The Food Institute. “Why Mixed Reality Could be a Business Game-Changer

July 7, 2023. Conscious Capitalism Arizona. “Effective Strategies for Building Trust with Stakeholders

July 6, 2023. Grit Daily. “8 Game-Changing Technology Tools for Business Efficiency

June 24, 2023. Communication Intelligence Magazine. “When Your Communication is Confusing

June 2023. American Coin-Op. “Messaging Through Better Signage

April 21, 2023. CMSWire. “What Brands Need to Know About AI Image Generation Models

April 20, 2023. “AI Job Replacement: Experts Reveal Most At-Risk Roles

April 17, 2023. E-Crypto News. “What are the Best DAO Use-Cases?

March 29, 2023. FoundersMag. “AI Revolutionizing Marketing: Exclusive Interviews Reveal Top Industry Insights

March 2, 2023. Writecream. “Facebook vs Google Ads – Which One to Choose for Your Business?”

Conference Talks & Full Interviews

September 15, 2023. Financial Freedom for Physicians. “Secrets to Omnichannel Success in Today’s Digital Landscape

September 5, 2023. The KAJ Masterclass LIVE. “How to Adapt to the Future of Retail

May 2023. Society for the Advancement of Consulting. Ask the Expert series. “‘AIm’ for the Future: Leveraging Generative AI to Provide Client Value”

June 2021. Retail Summits. 2021 North American Homegoods eCommerce Summit. Conference panelist: “Utilizing Technology to Enhance the Customer Experience”

August 2020. Retail Summits. 2020 Texas eCommerce Virtual Summit. Conference panelist: “The Importance of Omnichannel Integration”

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