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Strategic Planning

Creates forward-thinking plans to compete within a changing business landscape, capitalize on trends, and drive long-term corporate development and growth.


Utilizes financial analysis, economics, analytics, market research, and business intelligence to solve problems and identify opportunities.


Structures and leads cross-functional teams to optimize processes, drive revenue growth, reduce expenses, and generate bottom-line profits.

About Nick Gausling

Nick Gausling is a strategy & finance executive, investor, author, and speaker residing in Texas.

Nick has extensive, hands-on experience in organizational leadership, structuring teams, strategic planning, financial analysis, corporate development, and general management. He also is an expert at growing market share, improving operational processes, and implementing strategic development plans. Nick gets results which increase revenue, reduce expense, and generate bottom-line profits.

Furthermore, Nick is adept at communicating ideas and presenting results to senior management, as well as working within and leading cross-functional teams and building cohesive relationships with both internal and external partners.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Nick Gausling also serves as an Advisory Board member for the Libertarian Christian Institute, and as Assistant Editor of the Institute’s research journal, Christian Libertarian Review.

Nick accepts a limited number of speaking opportunities. If you would like Nick to speak at your event, please send a private message via LinkedIn with details.

Key Professional Experience

Mattress Firm (2018 - Present)
Divisional Director, Strategy & Analytics
  • Analyze, develop, and implement strategic financial, sales, marketing, merchandising, human resources, and logistical initiatives for all retail locations and distribution centers in the Northeastern United States, a $700MM+ portfolio of business consisting of over 650 stores and nearly 2,000 employees. Report to the Northeast Divisional President.
  • Core member of Northeast Divisional Leadership Team which reduced product returns by 5%, grew delivery service income by 218%, and boosted NPS more than 6% vs prior year (while simultaneously increasing Gross Margin). Divisional EBITDA Margin improved from a double digit negative into a positive vs prior year.
  • Participated in managing the Northeast Division through the company’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy / turnaround restructuring. The company successfully exited bankruptcy in a mere 48 days.
Emerald Risk Solutions
(2014 – 2018)
Managing Partner
  • Co-founded and led a boutique financial services firm. Sourced deals, conducted due diligence, trained clients and strategic partners, and established relationships with multiple Fortune 100 companies.
  • Guided the firm through its transformation from a B2B / B2C financial planning and management consulting company into a strategic venture capital investor and incubator. Led the firm to acquire equity positions in portfolio companies spanning tech, CPG manufacturing and distribution, and professional services (with operations both domestic and international).
Real Water (2013 – 2015)
Chief of Staff
  • Exercised cross-functional executive coordination and special project management across all departments of a nationally-distributed CPG functional beverage company, including: sales and distribution, marketing, finance, human resources, manufacturing and logistics, and quality control. Direct responsibility for investor relations, Board of Directors affairs, contract negotiation, compliance, and interfacing with outside legal counsel. Directly reported to the CEO.
  • As a key member of the executive team, helped lead the company from a negative EBITDA Margin into a positive EBITDA Margin. Worked with the VP of Sales to negotiate a private label contract with a major natural products retail chain, boosting annual Revenue by more than 10%.
  • Implemented a new HR management system which reduced payroll man hours by 10%, lowered premiums on worker’s comp insurance, and significantly cut the company’s liability exposure.
  • Managed and negotiated across numerous contract cycles, including with: one of the largest beverage companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), multiple domestic beverage distributors, and celebrities in diverse fields including music and professional sports.



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Nicholas Gausling, “A Review of Mark Spitznagel’s The Dao of Capital: Austrian Investing in a Distorted World,” Christian Libertarian Review, vol. 2 (Jul 2019): R61-R68

Nicholas Gausling, “An Extended Review of Boyd’s Crucifixion of the Warrior God,” Christian Libertarian Review, vol. 1 (Jan 2018): 140-170


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