Increasing profitability for companies that sell specialty goods

Nick Gausling


Do any of these sound like you?

  • We need to grow sales even faster.
  • I’ve got a great new product or service, but have no idea how to sell it.
  • Sales were growing, but now we’re stagnating or going backwards.
  • I want to expand into new channels but need help figuring it out.
  • We’re trying to sell online but it’s not working well.


Or these…

  • I feel like I’m constantly putting out fires in the business instead of working on the big picture.
  • We’ve grown faster than anticipated and need to get processes and systems in place.
  • I’m losing money and don’t know why.
  • My company is siloed and every department acts like its own kingdom.
  • We don’t know what KPI’s we should track and focus on to maximize impact.


What about these?

  • Our leadership team needs a longer term thought partner and cross-functional integrator like a COO or Chief or Staff, but we aren’t sure we need a full-time hire.
  • We’re about to launch a major initiative and need someone to run point so things don’t fall through the cracks.
  • We have a key vacancy on our leadership team and need some temporary support to keep the business moving until we can fill it.
Nick Gausling wearing a monochromatic blue suit and dress shirt in a park in 2022

If so, we should talk.

You’re a business leader with a lot of responsibility. Wouldn’t it be great to work with a consultant who takes the time to listen, to understand your needs, and who helps you achieve real, actionable business goals without all the typical consultant-speak?

As a former executive myself who has worked with companies ranging from startups and small businesses up to multiple billions of dollars, I sympathize with you and want to see your business succeed.

My focus is primarily on helping companies that sell specialty goods, though I do occasionally work with other types of businesses.

Business has the potential to be one of the world’s most powerful forces for good. Creating jobs, serving customers, strengthening communities, and generating value that enriches peoples’ lives is a truly worthy undertaking. Let me serve you by helping your business to become all that you know it can be.

Let's set up a time to talk!
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Doug, Data Science Executive & CTO/Founder

“Nick is one of the most professional and personable individuals I know who can also deliver on promises. He is adept at gaining working knowledge of the industries he works in, and he has a business savvy that is one I’ve come to count on, even outside of our formal working relationship.”

Jesse, Public Company Board Member

“Nick’s attention to detail, holistic understanding of scenarios, and expertise on a wide array of matters impacting businesses is why I continue to return seeking his guidance. It’s his integrity and willingness to understand the entirety of the matter. If in a rare circumstance, Nick doesn’t have the answer or experience, he is willing to say so. Over the years, I have come to respect Nick and rely on his opinion with business and what to look for when entering partnerships or acquisitions.”

Terry, President & Founder

“As I seek to sell the company that I founded over 30 years ago, Nick’s advice has been invaluable. His due diligence work helped me understand the valuation, identify what my options are, and what practical steps I should take to prepare my business for these major changes.”

Ryan, CEO & Founder

“Nick’s advice helped me revise my logistical capacity from local to national. His expertise in finance, logistics, and operations was invaluable.”

Anthony, Sales Executive & Founder

“Nick consistently delivered top-tier strategic value to my department and the entire company. When I later started my own businesses, Nick’s advice was invaluable in helping me to navigate challenges and finding ways to succeed.”

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Nick Gausling wearing a collared black shirt and blue jeans, giving a speech to a diverse audience circa 2017-2018

About Nick Gausling

  • Former executive in a multibillion-dollar omnichannel specialty retailer and a nationally-distributed CPG natural products manufacturer
  • Co-founder, advisor, or investor in multiple startups and small businesses
  • Certificate in Leadership and Management from The Wharton School – University of Pennsylvania
  • Digital Innovation Strategy and Management Program from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
  • Master of Arts in Classical StudiesBachelor of Arts in History