Implementing lasting profitability optimizations
for niche consumer-focused businesses

Nick Gausling

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Nick Gausling wearing a monochromatic blue suit and dress shirt in a park in 2022

You can achieve More Profit, More Wins, and More Cash!

Your company delivers unique value to customers, but you know you’re leaving money on the table and aren’t sure how to get it. Disorganized processes, competing priorities, and changing consumer behavior are all putting immense pressure on your bottom line.

Wouldn’t it be great to work with an expert who takes the time to listen, understands your needs, and helps you take real, actionable steps to improve profits for the long haul without all the consultant-speak or unrealistic recommendations?

Nick implements lasting profitability optimizations for niche consumer-focused businesses.

In other words, he helps merchants, retailers, and consumer service providers like you take concrete actions to improve their business operations and generate more profit without resorting to shortsighted, knee-jerk reactions.

Why wait? Achieve a stronger, more profitable business.

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Doug, CTO & Founder

“Nick is one of the most professional and personable individuals I know who can also deliver on promises. He is adept at gaining working knowledge of the industries he works in, and he has a business savvy that is one I’ve come to count on.”

Jesse, Public Company Board Member & Committee Chair

“Nick’s attention to detail, holistic understanding of scenarios, and expertise on a wide array of matters impacting businesses is why I continue to return seeking his guidance. It’s his integrity and willingness to understand the entirety of the matter.”

Ryan, President & Founder

“Nick’s advice helped me revise my logistical capacity from local to national. His expertise in finance, logistics, and operations was invaluable.”

Anthony, Sales Executive

“Nick consistently delivered top-tier strategic value to my department and the entire company.”

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Nick Gausling wearing a collared black shirt and blue jeans, giving a speech to a diverse audience circa 2017-2018

About Nick Gausling

  • Multibillion-dollar specialty furniture retailer
  • SMB specialty beverage manufacturer
  • Consumer financial services & boutique venture capital
  • Quoted by leading business press like Forbes, CNBC, U.S. News & World Report, Entrepreneur, TheStreet, ZDNET, and CMSWire
  • Published author and conference speaker
  • Wharton School of Business – University of Pennsylvania
    • Certificate in Leadership and Management
  • Booth School of Business – University of Chicago
    • Digital Innovation Strategy and Management Program
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