Romy Group LLC (2022 - Present)


➤ Contract negotiations and vendor commercial strategy for a multibillion-dollar retail merchandising department.

➤ Stand up operations including logistics, infrastructure, and sales and marketing engine for a D2C e-commerce retailer.

➤ Pre-acquisition due diligence, exit strategy planning, and operational improvement plan for a 30+ year old agricultural service provider and retailer.

➤ Business acumen and financial training for key managers of a PE-backed, middle-market consumer service provider.

➤ Newco venture strategic planning including market positioning, competitor analysis, organizational structure, financing, and go-forward recommendations.

Mattress Firm (2018 - 2022)

ABOUT COMPANY: Largest specialty mattress retailer in the United States. Headquartered in Houston, Texas.

ROLES HELD: Director of Omnichannel Innovation & Research, Director of Omnichannel Optimization, Director of Field Optimization (Northern U.S. Division), Director of Strategy & Analytics (Northeast U.S. Division)

FUNCTIONAL: Commercial Excellence, Business Development, Store Operations, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Managerial Finance, E-commerce Operations, R&D


➤ Key member of management team that transformed enterprise from bankruptcy and nearly billion-dollar loss to a nearly $1.5 billion revenue increase and an $800 million net income improvement in just 3 years.

➤ Oversaw build and launch of breakthrough consumer wellness app in partnership with a company whose technology was rated #1 by the New York Times.

➤ Organized company-wide infrastructure upgrade with IT department to reduce sales cycle time and significantly increase revenue capture.

➤ Drove forward reorganization of a division that subsequently posted substantial YoY revenue and EBITDA gains.

➤ Oversaw business development research and co-led innovation program management for company controlling ~20% of U.S. market share.

➤ Strategically allocated sales budgets resulting in significant annual cost savings.

➤ Orchestrated a test that uncovered a massive increase in unrealized annual sales.

➤ Drove forward major operating initiative that converted a historic cost center into a profit center.

➤ At CEO’s request, instituted a company-wide newsletter segment to promote enterprise vision.

➤ Managed a board-level strategic investment to generate a substantial return in value.

➤ Navigated emergency business continuity response during COVID including mass retail site closures, phased re-openings, and implementation of contactless retail program that stemmed revenue losses.

➤ Led competitor analysis exercises to both collect actionable data and train local field leaders to be more agile.

➤ Guided division during successful change management period due to Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring.

➤ Served on corporate Field SOP Committee and Safety Committee, as well as working groups that developed company-wide store operations standards, COVID field cleanliness protocols, and store labor forecasting models.

➤ Led division-wide NPS initiative to boost customer satisfaction.

➤ Advanced retail technology customer experience strategy to accelerate store modernization across the entire chain.

Emerald Risk Solutions LLC (2014 - 2018)

ABOUT COMPANY: Financial services advisory firm and venture capital incubator. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

ROLES HELD: Managing Partner

FUNCTIONAL: Venture & Startups, Commercial Excellence, Strategic Planning, Corporate Development, Business Development, Human Resources, IT, Corporate Affairs


➤ Led firm to become the #1 broker in the state for a Fortune 100 vendor partner.

➤ Constructed venture portfolio with position exposure including retail technology, consumer goods, and professional services.

➤ Navigated successful complex appeal with financial regulators in furtherance of commercial strategy.

Real Water (2013 - 2015)

ABOUT COMPANY: Nationally-distributed specialty beverage manufacturer, wholesaler, and D2C retailer. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

ROLES HELD: Chief of Staff, External Affairs Manager

FUNCTIONAL: Commercial Excellence, Corporate Development, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Corporate Affairs, Investor Relations, IT, Facilities Management, Project Management


➤ Collaborated with Corporate Vice President of Sales to negotiate and close a private label deal that boosted overall annual revenue by more than 10%.

➤ Managed outside legal counsel through a complex, multi-year arbitration to successfully fend off existential threat to the company.

➤ Facilitated launch of new manufacturing facility that opened new revenue lines in one of the country’s most lucrative markets.

➤ Led recruitment efforts for other top management positions (direct reports to the CEO & President).

➤ Implemented HR systems including the first health insurance program in company history and a vendor solution that reduced payroll labor hours by 10%.

➤ Led major infrastructure upgrades at headquarters including IT systems, cybersecurity, and physical security.

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