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Bank Pandemonium: the Silicon Valley Bank Meltdown

You’ve no doubt heard about last week’s meltdown of Silicon Valley Bank which, despite not being a household name, is one of the largest banks in the country and serves a substantial number of business clients, particularly those connected to VC. The bank’s collapse is already yielding widespread repercussions across the economy, including fear of bank runs throughout the world. Many are now calling for a bank bailout (even if they don’t like to use that term anymore, that’s what it is), meaning taxpayers would end up covering the losses for bank leadership’s failures. Some have even floated the idea

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Consumer Finance Trends with Matt Welton

In this inaugural installment of our new executive interview series, we’re joined by Matt Welton, a tenured leader in consumer finance and fintech. Matt is currently VP of Sales at UOwn Leasing, a lease-to-own financing provider operating in the consumer goods sector. NICK: The economy is in a strange place right now. We’ve got really high inflation. The Fed has been slowly moving up interest rates to try and control it, which may be good for the long term correction but causes a lot of short term pain. Then there’s been a bunch of layoffs across multiple sectors. Goldman Sachs

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Intend to Sell Your Business? Here’s How (Part 3)

This is the final piece in a series on what you need to do if you’re the owner of a smaller company (arbitrary defined here as approximately $10MM or less in annual revenue) that you intend to sell at some point. The first article covered the most substantial and common problem, which is that you can’t expect to sell a business that has been built to depend upon you. The second article was about more specific operational concerns like those involving accounting or HR. As this series concludes, we’re going to cover the execution question: how can you actually go

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