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Easy Business Cybersecurity Solutions You Can Implement Today

It seems like almost every day there’s another corporate data breach in the news. Occasionally the leak is something innocuous, but many times it’s sensitive or critical data like customer information, passwords, credit card numbers, or even confidential business information. Poor cybersecurity can open your business up to a host of problems like ransomware, stolen funds, lost data, tarnished reputation, or civil liability. But let’s assume you don’t have a dedicated cybersecurity team or a giant budget for IT; are you out of luck? Thankfully, no, you still have good, low-cost options. It’s important to understand that these things aren’t

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How Retailers Can Use AI to Enhance Their Business in 2023

The internet has been abuzz the last couple of months about the prospects of AI in business in the wake of OpenAI’s public launch of ChatGPT. Reactions have included everything from thinking we’re on the imminent verge of a techno-futurist scenario up through complete dismissal. The reality is somewhere in the middle of the vast chasm between those two extremes. AI has some amazing potential to enhance business, if you understand its current state, limitations, and capabilities. A few years ago, I co-wrote an article with data scientist and business AI expert Doug Pestana on how SME’s can leverage AI

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Consumers in for a Shock After Getting Used to Free E-commerce Returns

Bloomberg recently published a piece sounding the alarm for consumers: free online returns come at a cost. After years of subsidizing them, more retailers are charging customers to send back unwanted goods. … In the US, the number of large retailers requiring a return fee has jumped from 31% to 40% this year … [Returns] are costly because of the labor to have them shipped back, inspected and put up for resale. Allison Nicole Smith and Katie Linsell, Bloomberg, November 21, 2022 This is a cycle we’ve seen time and again, especially over the last 10-15 years: 1. Artificial credit

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