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Advice for Gen Z as They Enter the Workforce

This is the final article in our series on Gen Z in the workforce. While this newsletter is written specifically for business leaders, as we close this series, we’re going to briefly address members of Gen Z directly. Some of you are already in management, in which case I hope the previous article was useful. But most of you are very early in your careers or preparing to enter the workforce. If you’re reading this article, I’m assuming you want to do well in your career in some conventional sense. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have a grand vision for

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Advice for Managing Gen Z Employees

In the previous article, we talked about how Gen Z is beginning to enter the work force in significant numbers and introduced a framework for understanding generational change in the workplace. The main takeaway was that managers need to understand how the workplace will evolve over the next several decades due to these changing demographics. Now we turn to offer advice to managers who have (or will soon have) Gen Z employees, which is pretty much every manager. Articles and media that discuss these sort of intergenerational topics often sound ridiculous, as if they were written for a textbook explaining

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Understanding Gen Z in the Workforce

Many years ago, a wise older relative who served as a mentor spoke to me about the importance of understanding generations and generational shifts. Awareness as to how you fit into your own generation’s prevailing ideas, attitudes, and methodologies (or don’t), and how those things comport with those of other generations (or conflict with them), is one of the most valuable skills anyone can have. It helps you navigate virtually every area of social life such as geopolitics, interpersonal and familial relations, cultural movements, and of course, business. WHO ARE GEN Z? There are substantial personnel changes coming to the

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