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How to Fail at Digital Marketing

We live in a time where digital-first marketing is the name of the game for almost every business, and especially for specialty B2C. But ‘digital marketing’ is extremely broad and constantly changing. So what type of digital marketing should you be doing? Maybe just as importantly, what shouldn’t you be doing? In far too many businesses, the marketing function is one of the primary places money goes to waste under the guise of productivity. This is because doing marketing well is not easy, and a lot of marketers would rather do flashy but ultimately less-effective things, rather than those that

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Media Roundup: AI, Web3, Retail Signage, and Communication

In this article, we’ll briefly review some business insights based on press mentions and interviews I gave over the past quarter. This will probably become a regular segment around the end of each quarter going forward. As my book on the business use of AI came out in February, and AI was the hottest business topic during the first half of the year, a good chunk of this content is AI-related. AI & Marketing Article: “AI Revolutionizing Marketing: Exclusive Interviews Reveal Top Industry Insights” Publication: FoundersMag Date: March 29, 2023 Commentary: Marketing will be radically altered by generative AI. Historically,

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Advice for Gen Z as They Enter the Workforce

This is the final article in our series on Gen Z in the workforce. While this newsletter is written specifically for business leaders, as we close this series, we’re going to briefly address members of Gen Z directly. Some of you are already in management, in which case I hope the previous article was useful. But most of you are very early in your careers or preparing to enter the workforce. If you’re reading this article, I’m assuming you want to do well in your career in some conventional sense. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have a grand vision for

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